Breed Standard for the Tibetan Terrier

The tallest of the Tibetan breeds in the Utility Group, he is built on square lines, and carries a longish coat which is fine rather than silky.

GENERAL APPEARANCE Sturdy, medium-sized, long haired, generally square outline: resolute expression.
TEMPERAMENT Outgoing, alert, intelligent & game, neither fierce nor pugnacious. Sparing of affection to strangers.
HEAD AND SKULL Skull of medium length, neither broad nor coarse. Zygomatic arch curved, but not overdeveloped so as to bulge. Muzzle strong: well developed lower jaw. Length from eye to tip of nose equal to length from eye to base of scull.
EYES Large, round, set fairly wide apart: dark brown. Eye rims black.
EARS Pendant, carried not too close to head, V-shaped.
MOUTH Scissor or reverse scissor bite.
FOREQUATERS Heavily furnished. Shoulders well laid: legs straight & parallel, pasterns slightly sloping.
BODY Well muscled, compact & powerful. Length from point of shoulder to root of tail equal to height of withers. Well ribbed up.
HINDQUARTERS Stifles well bent, low set hocks.
TAIL Meduim length, set on fairly high & carried in a gay curl over back. Kink near tip is permissible.
GAIT/MOVEMENT Smooth, good reach, powerful drive. When walking or trotting hindlegs should track neither inside nor outside the front legs.
COAT Double coat. Undercoat fine & woolly. Top coat profuse, either straight or waved but not curled.
COLOUR Any colour permissible except chocolate or liver.
SIZE Height at shoulders: dogs 35.6-40.6 cms (14-16 ins) bitches slightly smaller .

Extracts taken from The Kennel Club Breed Standard